Are you in touch with your feelings?

only you can give me that feeling

Are you in touch with your feelings?

Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself a few important questions about your business.Only-you-can-give-me-that-feeling

Does your marketing focus primarily on the details of what you sell? What defines and distinguishes your brand? How do you want your customers to feel when they deal with you?

The last question is by far the most important.

Consumers are strongly influenced by how a product makes them feel; often far more than by the actual features of the product.

Staying focused on your brand is vital. A clear and well-nurtured brand represents your company culture and makes your customers feel good about their choice to pick you. As expert James Heaton eloquently puts it, your marketing is a method of pushing your message out, while your branding is the pull that attracts customers.

Florist shop owner leaning on her counter

Webfresh, for example, has a range of useful services but customers are mainly interested in how using Webfresh makes them feel: less pressured, confident, more in control – things that help create a pleasurable experience for a small business owner.

“While a great marketing campaign may be memorable, a well-defined brand is far more likely to stick with a person because it’s about creating an experience.” Liz Papagni

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