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Is email still a valid marketing strategy?

Is email still a valid marketing strategy?

A survey of members was recently undertaken by the Australian Businesswomen’s Network to find out whether Email Marketing was still an important tool in the marketing toolbox for small business owners…

And the answer was a resounding yes!

Email marketing is in the top 3 marketing strategies for 73% of business owners

  • 37% said Email is their Highest marketing priority right now.
  • A further 36% said Email is in their Top 3 current marketing priorities.
  • And 17% listed Email as one of their Top 10 marketing priorities.
  • While only 11% said email was not a marketing priority at all.

What priority is email marketing in your marketing plan?

ABN found these results fascinating, particularly given all the other forms of marketing available to small business today – after all, there’s social media, blogging, podcasting, search engine marketing, SEO, social media advertising… the list goes on.

But these results prove Email Marketing is still a crucial part of the marketing mix for many small businesses.

And what’s not to love about email?

Email marketing is cost effective, the technology is relatively easy to set up, most of your prospects likely have an email address…

…and it works!

  • Studies have shown that 57% of internet users worldwide said they are more likely to buy a product in a store after getting a marketing email.
  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email
  • A recent Forrester Report showed that your email marketing messages are even more trusted more than your social media posts.

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